The blog set up is more or less finished. I’m really happy with the header, the photographs – that came out amazingly well (especially considering i’m not so good with The Gimp, which is what i was using to get it done). so now its just a case of filling it with information and writings… and time is the only one to fix that one!

Apart from sorting out the blog, and finishing a letter to my Grandmother, which i emailed to mom (who plays postie), i did very little today. its kinda hard to do stuff when a) you’ve still got a head full of cold and a rotten cough; and b) a bad night’s sleep. it really doesn’t help when the police batter the communal front door down at 5.30am. It scared the bejesus out of Michiel – I slept through it, of course – who woke me after he realised that it was the police coming for the idiot upstairs. although we both went back to bed after a cup of tea and a calming down session, the interrupted sleep and the rising time of 2pm did us no good at all – we have to get our sleeping patterns sorted back out, which I think will happen once Michiel gets used to not smoking.

I had an email from Vince the other day as well, offering shelving wood, and to bring it to us in a people carrier, which was good of him. the only proviso is that we have to go there to get it off the walls, which is fair enough. Michiel’s still thinking about that one: i hope he says yes because i can use the wood to build the raised beds i’ve set my heart on, not to mention possibly a cold frame and work bench and other goodies in the garden, and quite frankly, any other wood i get i would have to go and collect (which would mean a taxi fare). Oh well. have to wait and see – if there is one thing i do know, its not to push Michiel for an answer till he’s good n ready to give one.

So hopefully once i’ve got my wood i can start planning the garden and buy a spade and some seeds and some compost and start digging it all out. it’ll take time, but time is on my side – as long as i start fairly soon.

so my plan of action would seem to be:

1) mark out the beds.

2) dig out the grass (easier said than done: its evil couch grass)

3) build the first frames for the raised beds

4) fill with compost, and mix with soil

5) put additional frames on top if necessary.

and in between all that, start growing seedlings indoors. No idea what yet, that’s something else i have to decide. I’m collecting toilet rolls and egg trays like crazy though.

and on that note – its bedtime for me. a long day tomorrow: shopping, bill paying, and a treat – the chinese state circus, courtesy of Mom and Dad!