Watching this programme on BBC2 tonight was amazing – all about dieting. And basically the following tips help:

  • metabolism, schmabolism. makes no difference. Its down to what you eat vs how many calories you use up. More in the gob and less exercise/movement = more on the hips. simple.
  • There is evidence that eating a diet full of lowfat calcium (my emphasis) helps to lose weight. The reason is that calcium binds to fat in the stomach to form a sort of soapy liquid that the body finds hard to absorb. the result? we excrete 100% more fat as part of our faeces. Nice. but good. (sales of low fat dairy products will go through the roof overnight. I look forward to fighting for low-fat yoghurt tomorrow at Tescos.)
  • Food Diary: don’t absent-mindedly eat. when the evidence is in front of you its much harder to lie to yourself.
  • Use a smaller plate/bowl. bigger portions in front of us mean we eat more.
  • don’t drink alcohol or sweet drinks. (well, duh.)
  • satiety is supposedly the new buzzword in dieting. Its official. protein fills you up for longer. so eat more lowfat protein to feel fuller for longer. (again, my emphasis).
  • the “glass of water before a meal means you eat less” theory is rubbish. think food in a sieve with water on top. water goes right through, right? now think soup. water doesn’t drain right through does it? Soup is your new best fwiend…

and of course, lots of fruit and veg.

The whole series is pretty good. Tips to remember from other programmes in the series:

  • think prebiotic not probiotic. better for you in the long run. You need food high in Inulin for this. Foods high in inulin include dandelion leaves, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, bananas, garlic, onions and leeks.
  • up the fibre content of diet – the more the food is kept on the move, the less chance your body has to absorb stuff it shouldn’t be absorbing.
  • think about eating like apes: the more raw unprocessed food we eat, the better for us.
  • diet high in calcium *and* Vitamin D can help to reduce PMS.
  • sugar doesn’t necessarily make you hyperactive. The resulting blood sugar drop can affect mood negatively though.

Part V:Young and Beautiful is on next thursday.