~Updated ~

inspired by bean-sprout’s challenge to “ditch the disposables”… i’m on the hunt for something to do the washing up with, that can be re-used and washed. kitchen sponges don’t cut it, besides, kept for long enough they start to lurk on a sparkling clean draining board in a most suspicious way, and the amount of bacteria they must harbour.. *shudders*. i know some boffins say you can nuke the sponges to get rid of the bacteria, but i’ve also read reports of people doing that and setting their microwaves on fire, so … nope, time to ditch the sponges.

so when i’m out shopping, i shall be on the hunt for something to replace them. I have cleaning rags and dishcloths to wipe up with – those get rewashed anyway – i’m actually looking for something that’s slightly abrasive, to match the scouring part of the sponge, because otherwise i could just use a dishcloth.

oh, and preferaby cheap, too. I’ll let you know how i get on..


got something at Wilkos. i’ve never used them before, they’re called “Scourer Cloths” and you get 3 for 69p. quite thin, stiffish, rough clothes, the question will be: are they washable? i’ll use them anyway (cos not to do so would be a waste) and then wash em. so.. another update in a week or so..