I think i should explain the ~ today ~ posts. They’re .. to-dos, small notes, things i want to record from every day life. the kind of stuff people keep in their diaries.

Anyway plan for today:


  1. make bread – done and rising in the kitchen, i love making it, the smell of the yeast rising gloriously from the bowl. (very nigellaish, that statement.)
  2. make lemon crunch. small portions – not yet. i may not do this.
  3. measure up the garden – i measured up a bit of it. it got dark. will do the rest tomorrow.
  4. do the ironing….. tomorrow. i had a lazy night. (coughing everywhere didn’t help).
  5. go to Aldi to do shopping.

Got up too late to do a lot of this, i think i overdid it yesterday, after all, i am still snuffling and coughing a lot, so my body is still fighting the infection. Slept from 3am to 1.30pm, with a break at around 9am to go to the loo. had breakfast, made bread, measured the bit of the garden i really wanted to measure, then dashed down to Aldi, where i made myself terribly unpopular with the manager because a) the milk i bought was advertised at 52p, and they charged me 55p, so i insisted on 3p back (all those pees add up you know), b) i took a bottle of fruit shot stuff back, it had a slit in the plastic so that when you squeezed it, the juice shot everywhere. At first he tried to fob me off with “there’s nothing i can do about that”, as it was part of a six pack and the other 5 were fine (and we drank them gleefully), which is actually illegal, but then he seemed to remember it was illegal and grudgingly gave me the money back. £1.19.

I’ll do the ironing in a bit. Pizza for tea. NCIS/CSI/L&O on the box tonight. yay!

Info on today

current reading: “The Treasure of Khan” by Clive Cussler

current weight: 16 stone 4 pounds

Food diary:

Pre-Breakfast: 1 mug of mild coffee with 2 spoons sweetner and a slug of skimmed milk

Breakfast: bowl porridge with skimmed milk and my usual nuked apple/pear/plum/sultana/cinnamon mix.

out-and-about: couple locket lozenges.

dinner: half a sweet chilli chicken pizza and half a garlic chicken pizza from Asda.

pudding: quarter tub of greek yoghurt and apple/pear/plum/sultana/cinnamon mix

snack: bitesize bits of celery, cucumber, dates, mushrooms, cheese, chicken and ham with a couple slices of bread (I know bad keth)

half a litre of squash