We’re both Clive Cussler fans. Michiel has been for years… and when we met, he introduced me to them properly (although i had read a few – “Raise the Titanic” in school, for example), and i grew to love them too.

So when we heard that they were making a movie of the book “Sahara”, one of Cussler’s best, we were very excited. Then we heard who they’d cast. and the problems. and we grew dubious. then the reviews, and we grew even more dubious. but we decided to give it a chance anyway. First chance we got, we hired it from the video shop.

We’ve agreed never to talk about it again. that’s how bad it was.

And now Mr Cussler has taken the studio to court, [BBC article here] because they changed some of the major plot threads without his permission, and the resulting turkey has affected his career to the point that he may never get another of his books made into a film (although given the way that hollywood has treated his books to date, i’m surprised he even wants to try). The studio is counter suing Mr Cussler. Their reasoning? That he hasn’t sold 100 million books, as he claimed.

right.. so you didn’t do your math, check your facts before you signed on the dotted line, and *now* you want him to pay? after ruining his book? his baby?

if there’s any justice, Cussler should win this case.. pants down.

and then, we’ll never talk about it again. 😀