spotted this report over on HUGG this morning. It seems a large group of 26 smaller groups from all over the USA are trying to get the USDA to actually enforce pollution rules on mega farms.

I’d actually read about these in “Fast Food Nation” and i had hoped that some things had changed since the book was published. Apparently not. What the groups are trying to stop is this: cows in the USA, in their final stage are moved into a concrete holding area, and fed grain (and other protein building stuff, including the remains of poultry, pigs and pets)  and kept there, all penned up together (with very little room to move). manure is produced – as happens – and its all drained off into huge lakes of the stuff. which produces pollution. (it must stink the countryside out for miles around. would you wanna live next to one of these?)

according to a letter sent out, the USDA task force responsible for enforcing rules against this kind of pollution is top heavy with agribusiness leaders whose focus is on easing restrictions on their business, not enforcing the pollution laws. In other words: they ain’t doing their jobs. actually amending the membership of the task force in order to pervert the intent of it is illegal, as i understand.

this’ll be interesting to watch.