The BBC reported this morning that the UK is now the seventh largest producer of wind-power based energy in the world – the only one to pass 2 gigawatts in production. At the moment 4.2% of the UK’s electricity is generated via renewable methods – which includ all the other methods (i.e. hydro, solar, biomass and wind).

Apparently the government’s aim is to have 10% of the electricity generated from renewable sources by 2010, and 20% by 2020. We’ve a way to go yet, but … we’re getting there. i think the day to look forward to will be when you can sign up to get your house soley supplied by renewable sources of electricity – and expect to get it without it costing twice as much to do so (especially important when you’re on benefits). (and it wouldn’t surprise me if you can actually do that now.)

oh and the world leader? Germany (produces 20 gigawatts, 10 times as much as we do), followed by Spain and – surprisingly – the USA, on 11 gigawatts, then India on 6 gigawatts, Denmark on 3 gigawatts and Italy just ahead of us on 2.1 gigawatts (we’re on just over 2 gigawatts).