~ porridge ~

I was reading through Stonehead’s blog this morning (no, not mine – this is a crofter up in Scotland’s blog), and he was describing (rather mouthwateringly)  his breakfast, a sort of savory porridge concoction with kale, bacon, sausage fat and onion. And it got me thinking about variations on porridge.

I have porridge a lot for breakfast. I like it. its easy. put oats in a bowl, top with a liquid, nuke. you can put different flavourings with it. I often nuke (seperately) a couple of chopped apples and pears, 4 plums, a handful of sultanas, topped with cinnamon and a bit of sugar. The result is a sort of stewed fruit mis-mash that is lovely on top of porridge.

so.. off i went. Google is your friend, (as my OH often says), and in this case, it was. The first search brought up  the following:

~ generic page on porridge, including the history ~

~ snail porridge by Heston Blumenthal ~ (i have to say, i love Heston, but i don’t think i’d be able to afford snails to do this, ever. and if i did, Michiel would probably shoot me if i tried – he much prefers them in garlic. lots of garlic.)

~ porridge with maple syrup by Nick Nairn ~ (maple syrup? how prosaic.)

~ recipezaar search on porridge/granola ~

~ basic porridge with fruity ideas ~

~ oats with vegetables ~ (this one i like the sound of and is similar to stonehead’s breakfast).

For now though: bacon and egg butties call. or rather Michiel is chomping at the desk, muttering “git into the kitchen, woman”. so off to the kitchen i go..