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trifle 8

this is a low-sugar trifle, so a bit healthier than the normal very sugary concoction that the Brits so love and adore. Not that i object to the sugary one, quite the contrary, but we can’t eat the sugary one all the time – or my bottom would get so big it’d break the chair!

Michiel loves this too. I make one of these about once a week, it does us for 2 nights. not too expensive either. Feel free to change the flavour jelly and the fruit in the bottom.


trifle 1

packet raspberry sugar free jelly / 1 pint birds custard / handful frozen summer fruits / lowsugar dream topping / half large tub lowfat greek yoghurt /


  1. scatter the frozen fruits in the bottom of a trifle bowl (any large glass bowl will do. glass cos you can see the layers then. its prettier.)
  2. make up the raspberry jelly according to the directions on the packet. i added atrifle4 bit more hot water than cold (its usually half and half) because the frozen fruits will add a lot of cold. If you’re using tinned fruits, then stick to the half and half.
  3. pour the jelly over the frozen fruits, and put in the fridge to harden – this will need a couple hours at least, and better overnight.
  4. when the jelly is set, make up the custard according to packet instructions. although it *says* to use 2 tbsp sugar per pint of custard, i rarely measure the tbsp, and often use a lot less sugar, particularly if the custard is going with something that i know is sweet. You can of course use one of the packet low-sugar custards that are available (or a tin of the ready made stuff). either way, pour it on top of the jelly and return the bowl to the fridge to set. Leave it there a couple hours.
  5. trifle7once the custard is set, make up the dream topping, again according to instructions. Once made, put half the greek yoghurt into the bowl and stir thoroughly. spoon small portions ontop of the custard and smooth out over the top of the custard. return to the fridge once more.
  6. before serving, scatter either hundreds & thousands over, or more fruit (especially fresh fruit), or silver balls… whatever you like. (my mother used to put chopped almonds on top of hers).


mixing fruit with jelly is a popular thing to do. please note, however, that certain fruits and certain jellies don’t mix, as something in the fruit prevents the jelly from setting. It usually says on the packet which it is.

to make fullfat-sinfully delicious trifle, the way my Mom does with the “slurrrp” as the bowl of the spoon breaks the seal of the trifle (the mark of a good trifle)… put sponge fingers (stuck together with a good jam – we used grandpa’s raspberry jam made from raspberries grown in the garden, which was *very* yum.. sadly no more) in the base of the bowl (you can buy these at a supermarket quite cheaply) and cover with sherry or similar. scatter fresh fruit throughout, then top with custard. top again with whipped cream, and scatter with almonds.

alternatively, look here for delia’s cheat’s chocolate trifle which is absolutely gorgeous but very very sinful and rather expensive. Actually, try the butterscotch and banana trifle with madiera too, and just to complete them, the traditional trifle. (I like trifle. a lot. can you tell? Actually i think delia likes trifle too – she has a lot of recipes for variations on them..)