It seems that the LDA (London Development Agency, the people developing land in London for the Olympics in 2012) are the bad guys in this battle. They’re trying to move allotmenteers from the site they’ve been based on for 100 years in order to turn the allotment into that terribly important thing: a footpath.

The full story can be found here (along with photos)… however, it seems that the first battle has been won by the allotmenteers: the land that the LDA were trying to get planning permission for in order to move the allotmenteers to it.. has been rejected.

lets hope they win all the battles: there should be plenty of brownfield sites in the area without having to encroach upon sites that are already being used in an environmentally and community friendly manner.

edit: there’s a petition asking the PM to make sure the site is incorporated into plans for the area by the Olympic planners, rather than demolishing it. go sign – here. please.