i’ve been shopping. and i splurged. Got a spade. some seed compost. some vermiculite. 3 seed trays with lids to make propagators. weeding knives. babybio. kneeling mat. and best of all, seeds.

Leek (musselburgh), capsium pepper (sweet rainbow mixed), pepper (cayenne, chilli like), spinach (hector F1), tomato (gardener’s delight), tomato (tumbling tom), and spinach beet (perpetual spinach).

and it all cost 23.43! I got the three cheapest seeds for free, saved myself £3.47 with that. (and i just counted. i got 7. i could’ve gotten another pack free. idiot!)

happy bunny now!!! (unfortunately got to wait till friday before i can do anything with it all as i’m food shopping tomorrow.. )

Can’t wait!!!