ok. maybe i’m carrying this proud momma thing too far, but damnit, apart from the tomatoes i grew 2 years ago, i’ve never really grown things from seeds before, at least, not a wide variety and… i have a green thumb! I’m in shock! I always thought i had a brown one (or maybe a black one.. ) because house plants died on me, but maybe that was more to do with being too lazy to water em. Anyway, these i water every morning, with a spray mister. and its working….

chillis and peppersThe chilli and pepper seedlings have started to sprout, which i’m most pleased by, as i was starting to doubt that that windowsill was warm enough (the radiator underneath it doesn’t come on). I think they need to stay there for a while yet as they’re still very little. might even move them so they’re in the warmer bathroom.

The french beans have really taken off. If you remember, when i left sunday, they werefrench beans only just peeping above the surface of the compost: look at them now!! I’m going to have to get a move on with getting the compost and the bed built, because at this rate, they’re going to need to get planted out sooner rather than later. You can also see, in the foreground, the sweetpeas just starting to grow in the toilet tubes as well.

sweetpeasI think the “white supreme” that i planted in the middle (also sweetpea, different variety) is no longer viable as they’ve not grown at all in the other tray, whereas the old fashioned mix that i also planted in the same tray is growing really well – in fact, i’m going to have to transplant them soon so that they have a deeper soil to grow into – i mistakenly planted them in a seed tray, not realising they have deep roots. So that’s a job for this weekend.

Finally, my tomato seedlings are getting a bit spindly (Michiel forgot to turn the traystomatoes while i was away) and definetly need thinning out. I’m not sure if they’re due for transplanting yet: i have to read up on when to do that with tomatoes, but if they need it, then that’s another job for this weekend. They’re both doing well, and i need to get my third variety started soon – tumbling tom – so that all three can go in the greenhouse when i’ve got it, and then i’ve got to start another batch for outdoors, so that i have staggered harvests (with luck, anyway).

other jobs for this weekend: start basil and coriander growing in yoghurt pots, and look at what other seeds need planting out. Look at the list of seeds i still have to buy, and start tracking them down (I’ve found various suppliers of different seeds, but i can never remember what i have and what i need!) Go to the composting firm and find out how much bags of compost are, and get some! make up the raised bed, and dig some more. The weather forecast isn’t terribly good, so i shall just have to do what i can, i think. Oh, and Lidl apparently is selling wellies. I need to check that out for sure.

oh and my today entries have restarted (or at least, they will when i get round to doing one for today).

I also found out when i was visiting mom and dad that if you’re looking at this via Internet Explorer then the sidebar on the right is going to go funny – lots of little arrows pointing right to .. nothing. sorry, but there’s nothing i can do about that. We use firefox, and it looks ok with this. Get a better internet browser. (yes, Mom, that means you.) in fact, get a better OS (i.e. not windozs. and yes, Mom, that means you too. You do know Michiel would absolutely love you forever if you let him change you to linux, don’t you?) altogether. Linux with the wonderful Tux would do very nicely… I’ll leave the choice of flavour to you. A Slackware/KDE mix is good though.