Just walked round to Fairfield Composting (for anyone in Manchester: they’re on Smithfield Market) to chat to them about their compost and they’re great people. I had a lovely chat with a lady about growing-yer-own, and when i explained that i was a) on benefits and b) carless (the car-less she seemed to approve of) she promptly offered to let me have some compost delivered, just for me (since i’m only round the corner), at a very reasonable price of £12.50. That’s a cubic square meter of compost, coming probably tomorrow morning! YAY! if it comes (and if not tomorrow, it’ll be monday, i’ll find out later this afternoon when they call Michiel) tomorrow then hopefully i can spend some of tomorrow (when its not raining rather surprised kitties and dogs) fixing up the wooden edges of a raised bed, then digging out the soil and mixing it with some compost: with luck (and if the weather is on my side) i may even be able to get my beans in the ground by sunday. Sarah (who gave me the bean seeds) reckons they need to go outside, need more light and stuff so i need to get em out there asap really. And best of all, Fairfield has said that they’ll let me have another cubic square meter for the same price when i’m ready for it – and this is compost made from all the waste veg from the market, which is way cool – not only is it stopping landfill but its giving back to the earth.

I can’t wait for me compost to arrive now!!! (yes, will do photos. of course. silly billies..)

10 minutes later: they just rang and confirmed delivery tomorrow at 11.30am. YAY!