I’m now officially out of windowsill space. well, except in the living room. and the windowsill there is a) occupied by vertical blinds b) rather low and jess’s bed goes underneath it so any pots placed there would go flying. All the other windowsills are fully occupied, though, so i need my greenhouse ASAP, and to start moving stuff into the garden (even if i have to put cloches over things to protect em).

Its been a busy day though. I’d just woken up and wandered through to the toilet when Michiel told me that Mom had just called, wanting help with Dad’s application form. Someone at the place he works (which shall remain nameless) has drawn up an application form in MS (*shudder*) Word, and i think they were told to make it look good on paper. and it does, on paper. has boxes and lines and things all in the right places. its only when you try to fill out the application form in Word, when you’ve downloaded a copy from the website, that you run into problems: its not been designed to operate that way, and as a result, even Mom (who works with Word) is struggling. I helped out some while i was down there, but they hit problems again – this time, a section of the document was starting half way down a page from the previous section on the previous page and they didn’t know why. Took a few screenshots and a conversation in MSN while i nursed coffee and tried to wake up, but we got there in the end up.

After breakfast and a natter with Sez, i went and made some more bread (to keep a rather worried Michiel happy, he came running in all upset and doing an “out of bread error”), then decided that the sweetpeas needed transplanting now because one of them was starting to keel over, and i might as well do the tomatoes while i was at it. So i dashed out into the rain (never been so glad it was raining, meant i couldn’t do any more on the garden and my legs would have a chance to heal: my thighs hurt) to get sweetpeas and beansthe stack of empty plant pots i had, grabbed the tray with the sweetpeas in and proceeded to repot. i was surprised to find that Mom was right (alright, alright, don’t rub it in, Mom) : the roots were long and struggling. So they got repotted, with a skewer for support, (that’s them in the photo, next to the french beans) and found a new home on the kitchen windowsill. That left me with a new seed tray and space on the bedroom windowsill. Goodie.

So i examined my seed index and decided to plant up some leeks and some celariac, as more seeds 2they both have a similar germination time/temp. they’re currently on the bedroom windowsill, next to the peppers (capsium) and chillis, which are growing happily in the propagator – slowly though (that’s them there in the photo). In between the two i planted up the (rather meagre) supply of tumbling tom, in two small pots, just hope they germinate or its a complete waste of £1.45 from Wilkos (If i get any fruits (and i like them) i’m going to get my own seeds from that one, save money).

transplanted tomatoesThen i decided to transplant the tomato seedlings. It may’ve been a bit early but they were sown quite close together (big mistake that one) and i was worried that i’d never be able to get the roots seperated cleanly if i left it so i transplanted and thinned. Kept about 8-10 of each variety (moneymaker and gardener’s delight), just hope they survive the operation. They’re looking okay so far. They went back on the bathroom windowsill where they were before and i decided to make the most of more seedsthe space up there by planting up some basil and coriander in the clean empty yoghurt pots (which are the perfect size to go into some green ceramic pots i have for the kitchen window – when i have space there anyway) and some chives, mint and parsley in three mini pots next to them. You can see them there in the photo – the duckies have bird flu, so they’ve got to be secluded behind plastic for their own good. (!)

After that i sat down for a cuppa, then decided with 45 minutes to go to a) knock back the bread and get it into tins for the second proving, and b) chop up lots of veg (onions, garlic, leek, grate a carrot, courgette, half an aubergine, couple big sticks celery) and cook them together with some minced beef and some green lentils, then seperate them down to make a chilli, a curry and spagbol sauce (in this way i can make a small £1 packet of minced beef from Asda last 6 meals which is pretty good going. and healthier). Once that was on the go, “Time Team” was on (the one on which they found absolutely nothing) and after that i cooked up a huge thai veg curry with rice – and i’ve got enough left of that for another night. Finished up with a fruit cobbler, and i was all baked out (and, with the exception of some flapjacks tomorrow, i won’t have to do any major cooking for a while, which is good, as i’m hoping to get into the garden tomorrow again, weather permitting).

Still, it was a good, productive day, and i’m pleased with myself 🙂

i think, also (on reflection), that times like this, when i’m just pottering around, messing with stuff, i’m at my happiest. I can’t wait to get the greenhouse, which will be my space, and i can go out there and potter away happily. Giving even more consideration to getting an allotment now: its shown me that i could quite happily go up there in the morning, taking lunch with me, and spend the day there, maybe taking jess with me, and certainly once Michiel’s gone back to work it would give me a great deal in return, instead of just sitting around the house. time to make those phone calls i think, to the allotment secretaries (before that film about allotments makes them even more popular and the waiting lists get even longer..).