after last night’s little flompfh i retired from the computer, watched “Grand Designs” then decided to watch a DVD.. “Mrs Henderson Presents..”. a little comedy helped to lift my soul, some, then i headed off for an early night. Did some thinking while i was lying in bed, about consequences and choices and growing up meaning NOT making the easy/quick/silly choices because you know what the consequences will be. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail (its quite personal) but i think it helped some.

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat better. I think the long sleep helped as well as the thinking: i slept from 2am to 11.30am, 9 and a half hours. I seem to periodically need more sleep than perhaps some people, and without it i can get into quite a state.  Pottered around some, then went to wake up Michiel, who was still asleep. Turns out he’d been poorly and up at various points during the night with stomach cramps. We think a bowl of pasta wasn’t reheated enough yesterday that he’d eaten (and i hadn’t), as its the only thing we haven’t both eaten. So of course i walked Jess, talked to Sarah some, then headed out to Ashton under Lyne to get some shopping. I was quite happy as i found a holland and barratts there, from which i was able to buy a huge bag of bran for breadmaking (750g for 79p)  – I’ve missed the extra fibre in my bread – and they sell mung beans, so i’m looking forward to buying those and growing sprouts to help contribute to our diet.

Once home from A-u-L i had a quick chat with Sarah again then headed out to first Lidl, then Aldi. After that i trudged home with heavy bags, unpacked those, then headed out with Jess, as Michiel still wasn’t up to walking her. By the time i got home from that, it was gone 6.30pm and i had to start dinner. I was going to do beef in black bean sauce with egg fried rice, but i made an executive decision that that was beyond me just then.. and opted for Mr Brain’s Faggots with potato and celeriac mash with veg instead.

I did put the beans out today to harden off. They’re 16 inches tall, and quite top heavy. They’ve been growing on the windowsill and of course, resting against the net curtains, so they’ve not really had to build up strength in their main stem. At least one sort of bent while i was taking them out, although i did put some twigs in to help support them straight away. Hopefully no more will bend now. They’ll harden off again tomorrow, and then, depending on the weather, i’ll probably plant them out either saturday or sunday, to go under the polytunnel.

I’m hoping to be able to finish that second bed this weekend, and get started on preparing the ground for the greenhouse. I also want to sow the other seeds i’ve got in mind this weekend – both inside and outside – and transplant some others. There’s a lot to be getting on with, and the weather is getting warmer and warmer, especially after this weekend. I really think this last week is the last real sting of winter, although i’ve no doubt we’ll have a few more possible frosty nights before summer sets in for good.

The other thing that needs to be done is housework. there’s a few items that are still on the list (laundry, cleaning) so they need to be done inbetween doing the garden. And baking. We’re fresh outta bread, the lemon drizzle cake went days ago, the coffee and walnut cake is almost gone… so i need a marathon baking session. And of course if Michiel still isn’t very well then Madam will have to be walked in the morning.

On the plus side: we have squash again! we ran out of our usual brand of squash on tuesday, and we spent Wednesday without any of it. It made me realise how much i’d come to like it – i fill an old 75cl bottle of vittel with it, twice a day, sometimes more. Which i have just painfully worked out to be 3/4 of a litre (I made the mistake of asking Michiel. and like all (good) teachers he made me work it out for myself. *mutters*. it hurt. i have a headache now). So i drink somewhere between 1.5 to 2 litres of the stuff a day, which is pretty good going. I’ve really felt it the last couple of days, not so much because i wasn’t drinking squash, but because i wasn’t drinking water (I don’t like plain water), and i can’t drink 2 litres of tea.

oh and i beat Michiel at tron. which i haven’t really played at before. And this thoroughly annoys him. And pleases me. 😀