it must be a full moon. or the time of the month. or something. The local idiots are out.

Michiel, walking Jess, ran into someone we meet on a semi-regular basis who also has dogs, two of ’em. One of them went after yet another dog coming along the path. Michiel pointed out to the owner that its now the law that dogs have to be kept under control, and when she denied that, he shrugged and said its her loss, pointed out that  she could be fined or her dogs could be taken away from her. She got angry, and when Michiel held his hands up and walked away (thinking he didn’t need this), she yelled after him, when he was 50 yards away “If you don’t like it, Go back to where you f***ing came from then!”  He just carried on walking, but needless to  say, he’s somewhat annoyed by it.

In addition, the neighbour’s 16/17 year old daughter is having a stand up row with the leader of the local kids. About all we need now is for the upstairs idiot to do something to upset the 16 year old’s father (who the upstairs idiot is drinking partners with – i wouldn’t say friends) which will lead to the father running upstairs to beat the seven hells out of said upstairs idiot. Oh, and someone to kick the front door down.

*really* must be that time of month.

On the plus side, its sunny, Madam is happily sunbathing in the garden, i’ve got bread to make and some gardening to do (if my creaky back will allow me), so i’ll just turn my hearing aids off and get on with it.

Sometimes… being deaf is a blessing.