looks like the humble plastic bag will soon be a thing of the past in San Francisco. The Powers that Be have banned the supply of plastic bags from all supermarkets within the area, saying that alternatives must be offered instead, e.g. paper bags that break down easily, plastic bags that will decompose into compost, or re-useable cloth bags.

Frankly, i think this is great, and i really can’t figure out why this isn’t done here. Ireland’s done something similar – put a levy on them – which has led to a 90% reduction in the use of them. Great! Why don’t we do something similar?

Tescos (much as i hate to be an advocate for the evil Mr T – and yes, i shop there occasionally, although not as much as i could, since i prefer, where possible, to support the small, individual shop) is on the right route, offering free decomposable plastic bags, but also offering greenpoints if you re-use a bag (any bag). Great! Why don’t other retailers follow suit? Surely a carrot and stick method is what is required here?