Afternoon teaI’m talking, of course, of taking afternoon tea. Its a habit we’ve gotten into, just having a nice cup of tea at around about 5/6 (right after one of us has walked The Perpetual Peeing Machine – aka Jess) along with a bit of cake. It just replenishes the batteries that little bit, and since our breakfast is habitually eaten around midday, it seems to serve as a sort of lunch, and we have dinner as a late lunch/early dinner at around about 7/8pm. Our final meal of the day is a light sandwich/snack, had Afternoon tea 2around 10/11pm, which we don’t always have. It seems to work better for me, especially, working off a lot of calories in the afternoon, either shopping or in the garden, then replacing them during my evening meal. I’ve noticed that on days where i’m not working i tend not to go for the late night snack, its as though my body recognises that it just doesn’t need it.

We both enjoy that little meal though, afternoon tea. It just recharges the batteries enough for me to do that little bit more before dinner, usually involving clearing up/preparing dinner. I finished the lemon drizzle cake earlier, just in time for afternoon tea, and as you can see, we both had slices of it. Michiel has his tea black (instead of strong enough to stand a spoon in, with milk, which is how most english people seem to have it!), whereas i prefer it milky and weak. However you do like your tea, in all seriousness, it just seems to go together nicely.

I’ve also taken some photographs of my little seedlings. Tomatoes – both gardener’s delight, moneymaker and tumbling tom, and my celeriac/leek tray – behind the cut.

gardener’s delight seedling

Tomato - moneymaker seedling

Tomato - Tumbling tom seedling

~ Tomato – Gardener’s delight ~ Tomato – Moneymaker ~ Tomato – Tumbling Tom ~

Celeriac Seedlings

Leek Seedlings

~ Celeriac – Alabaster ~ Leek – Musselburgh ~