Coke Float.. a coke float on a sunny, warm afternoon when you’ve been working hard.

After an afternoon’s hard work in the kitchen, making bread, fruitcake, mini-trifles and flapjacks, i went out into the garden for a moment and just luxuriated in the stillness & warmth. And then it came to me that the perfect drink at that particular moment would be a coke float. Although i had icecream i had no coke so off i went to the shop to get some coke (and beer, since Michiel had decided that his perfect drink was beer. which was fair enough). 10 minutes later i was back, dunking my spoon into the perfect gooeyness that is the icecream, the sort of melting bubbles that is produced when the fizzy coke hits the icecream, and the perfect coldness melting on my tongue.

If you’ve never had one, go get some vanilla icecream, scoop into a glass (tall glass or big wineglass, up to you), then – carefully! – pour some ice cold coke on top. Preferably the real deal – there are times for diet coke, and there are times for the real deal. This is the time for the real deal. Anyway, it will fizz up, and stay up (like when you pour lemonade on beer to make a shandy, but worse). so carefully pour until the glass is full, then take a teaspoon, go sit down, and – ignoring the rest of the world – savor the treat that is before you.

go on. Have a coke float. you know you want to…