Bed 3.. in progressThe last couple of days have seen me working hard on Bed 3. It’ll be a while before its completely finished: i need to buy some more compost from Fairfield compost to completely finish it, but i have got the fruit bushes planted in now, which is the important thing. I’m not sure i’m going to have enough wood to finish the sides of the Bed 3.. the fruit bushes plantedbed, but i’ll do my best. Its all i can do really. The blackcurrant bushes, redcurrant bush, and blackberry bushes are now planted in bed 3 (they needed to go in, asap), and the raspberry/loganberry bushes are in a pot, until i can get them into bed 3 as well. [I’ve just, as of tonight, arranged for my mom and dad to visit on 28th April, so i’m hoping to have that bed finished for then.] They’re kinda hard to see, but they are there. I promise.

raspberry canesI planted up some more seeds yesterday too. cress (which, as of tonight, have germinated!), more sweetcorn, lettuce and rocket, more sweetpeas, these ones direct sown – i hope I’m in time with those. More beans – both french dwarf and french climbing. Hope they come up soon too. they’re in the greenhouse at the moment but they may just be too cold so i may have to bring them in to get them to germinate. oh well.

Baking sessionI’ve also spent the afternoon baking. We ran out of bread this morning, courtesy of Michiel’s breakfast, so i had to make some more (which of course is a very bad thing). We’re also nearing the end of the fruitcake so i made a coffee and walnut cake, although that still needs icing, some more flapjacks, and some chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies don’t last very long in our house – even if the cookies themselves last, the dough doesn’t – especially when a Michiel is coming into the kitchen and pressing some of it into a celery stick (yes you read that right). still, the kitchen is now full of goodies and we’re set for a few days now, with the exception of the icing, so i can do other things.

Tomorrow, i think, i will have to spend the day shopping. Its a cousin’s christening this weekend (the granddaughter of my aunt who died recently) and i need to pop up to Ashton anyway this week to get some pizzas for saturday so i think i shall kill two birds with one stone and get the pizzas and the makings of a card for the baby, then come home and pop down to Aldi, there’re a few things i need there too. Then we’re set foodwise for the next week, except for maybe milk. Anything else i can pretty much make 🙂

wallflowersOh and the flowers are from a wallflower plant in the garden. Its very straggly, one i inherited when we moved in, way past its best, so it’s going, but i thought it was a shame not to appreciate the flowers that its covered with at the moment, so i denuded it – and this is the result. lovely, aren’t they?

more photos tomorrow: the filled-in canal path that runs very close to us (and where we walk Jess, regularly) has a number of cherry and apple trees growing off it and they’re all in bloom at the moment, so the walk is very pretty.