As if it were really needed… yet more proof that gardening is good for the soul and the mind (never mind the body – gardeners know that after a hard day’s digging!). One of the blogs i read on a regular basis is the Allotment Junkies blog, they write well, about both the mental health system and their allotment (and i’m still jealous of their allotment, damnit). But one particular entry caught my eye: this one, about how gardening helps not just those who are depressed, but also those with more serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. I had known for a while – because of experience, more than anything else – that gardening can and does help with things like depression, one only has to look at Monty Don’s experience for that. But i hadn’t realised that it could also help with illnesses that need medication, more serious ones as well. I suppose i shouldn’t be surprised: gardening can offer peace and tranquility, acceptance and calm in an increasingly chaotic world, and escaping that way must offer balm to those who’s condition is made worse by the world around them. More and more i’m noticing articles about this – whether this is just because i am starting to be attuned to them, and reading places (like Allotment Junkies or Hugg) that are likely to advertise them when they do crop up in mainstream media, or whether they’re really becoming more and more noted as more and more people realise the benefits of gardening, i don’t know. I’m just happy that it is out there, and that a few more people might be helped in the long run.