Talking to Michiel last night; we have agreed to work on losing weight together. my right knee and back are both hurting, and while that may not be directly due to being overweight, it certainly can’t be helping, so time to do something about it. or try to. again. (i seem to do this every couple of months. *sighs*)

We’re doing slightly different diets, i’m doing the GI diet, and Michiel will be joining me for that every other day, which will make cooking easier. For the other part, thats up to him to reveal. Anyway, it means no more cake/cookie/flapjack making, and (joy of joys) you get to listen to moaning and whining and rambling about dieting and food and.. so on. Anyway, it starts wednesday when we next get paid, and in the time between then we’re eating up all the bad stuff [not that there’s exactly a lot of it, i was going to do a baking session today. not any more i’m not!].

I’ll do a more detailed post later about what the GI diet entails, before then, i have to wade back through the book and refamiliarise (and give myself encouragement) myself with the details. And the menus.