Yesterday was.. frustrating. I was in one of those moods most people get from time to time, where everything was just frustrating and i was in a foul mood. I tried playing my current computer game (Battle for Wesnoth) and gave up in frustration. that kinda set the tone for the afternoon, and shortly after that, decided i was not going to do the ironing.. it was just plain safer that way.

So instead i worked on my new diet. I poured over the GI Diet books, worked out a menu plan according to the diet, how much food i would need for it, and worked out how much it would cost. £80 for two weeks – and that’s not including some of the other stuff i said i would buy Michiel (who isn’t doing the same diet). gah. Ok. that one has to be rethought. Am still planning a proper post later on the GI diet though.

I would’ve worked on the garden yesterday but it started raining around midday and it hasn’t really stopped since. Not heavy rain, as in, producing standing water on the soil surface, but heavy enough to colour the soil a lovely dark brown colour – its as though the earth is standing there with its arms wide spread, looking up, cherishing the raindrops on its cheek, drinking it all in. It’ll be good for the plants, i think, these few days of rain, if a lil frustrating for moi (i hate working in the rain).

Greenhouse - palletI have, though, been taking the plants out to the greenhouse. I’m hardening off the courgettes and tumbling tom tomatoes (the other tomatoes, moneymaker and gardener’s delight have been in the greenhouse day and night for a week or two now), ready to go out into the greenhouse for a couple of weeks, before all the tomatoes and courgettes get moved outside into their final growing positions some point in mid to late may. I’m also hardening off the peppers, chillis and aubergines, ready to withstand their first night out there (in a couple of weeks), but also for their final move out there, although i may bring one or two chilli plants back into the house. We’ll see. I’ve enough to experiment with.

greenhouse - staging 1Also in the greenhouse are various seedlings, in there not so much because they require the warmth but because there wasn’t room inside the house, but the greenhouse is sheltered from the wind. Leeks, celeriacs and so on. the leeks seem to be doing much better, they’ve perked right up and are actually standing proud of the earth (instead of leaning over all wimpy like), and the celeriacs are growing happily away. I reckon another month or so before both are ready to go out into their final positions. Also in that picture, in the middle are cornflower seedlings – they’ll need splitting up and transplanting to final positions soon. next to it, in small pots, the seedlings hanging over the side of the pot are parsley seedlings, and in between, mint.

greenhouse - staging 2Further along the staging are some trays.. i sowed some rocket in a tray, (on the left)ready to transplant out to the final bed when the weather clears up (hopefully towards next weekend), and some little gem lettuces (just germinating on the right). the lettuces under the polytunnel are so slow, i’m hoping these might catch up a lil. the two larger black pots have sweetcorn seeds in it, although they haven’t germinated yet. it may be too cold out there, and i may have to take them into the house to germinate. the taller seeds behind the rocket is Nigella, aka love-in-a-mist, ready to be transplanted at some point, and to its left, in the far top of that tray, is a small pot with 2 kale seedlings in it (since these can grow up to 18 feet, i decided to only sow two!).

Greenhouse - staging 3Lastly, i sowed some more trays last weekend, some flower seeds for mom to take home with her when they visit next weekend, some more flowers for me, (in both cases a mix of cornflower, Nigella and morning glory), and a tray of half and half basil and coriander. as you can see, i like to reuse trays and mushroom trays – recycling rocks!

The rest of the garden is looking good. The potatoes are pushing their way up (i was worried i’d dumped too much earth on top), so they’ll have to be earthed up at some point. No sign of the sweetpeas i sowed last week, hopefully they’ll pop up soon. The sugarsnap peas in the polytunnel are growing well, i just hope the extra ones i sowed also pop up soon. Lettuce is growing.. slowwwwwwwly, as is the spring onion, beetroot and radishes. The radishes look bigger (the leaves and so on) but i can’t see any actual rootballs, which is somewhat worrying. Friday is 6 weeks since i sowed them so we’ll have to see. The spinach and spinach beet are also growing well. I’m just impatient!

In terms of the fruit bushes: the strawberries are romping away. The ones in the growbag are flowering, which is good, as i’m hoping to get a crop from them. The ones in the centrepiece have flowered, which i’ve pinched out, to encourage the formation of runners (down to the next level) to get plants for next year. The fruit bushes i planted are mostly doing well – especially the redcurrant, the leaves were a bit floppy when i first planted them but they’re doing well now, and the blackcurrants either side are growing well. The blackberries are taking their time in catching up, and the raspberries/loganberry in the bucket … don’t seem to be doing an awful lot that i can see.

my new mantra. i must be patient.. i must be patient.. i must be patient..