Another article on the BBC News site grabbed my attention today as well (Yes i know, i get days like this. lol). This one’s about captioning in theatres so that deaf people can enjoy plays and so on as well.

captioning (aka subtitles in the UK) is basically putting up the lines that are being spoken, as they’re being spoken. Both the UK and the US have had captions for years on television, in the UK through both teletext and on video/dvd through closed captions. Film theatres have been a little slower to catch up, although i think some of the larger cities are now offering signed performances of select films, and captioned performances of other films. In theatres, although signed performances have been around for quite a while, captioned performances have taken a while to catch on, but thanks to a grant from the Arts council and government funding, its now being instituted. The article writes about the challenges facing those that work in this area, from the technology, to captioning in a sensitive manner, through to captioning live theatre, especially panto with all the ad-libbing!