potatoes pushing throughI noticed on the way out to the shops today that the potatoes were really potatoes pushing through close upstarting to push through. They need earthing up, i know, but i wanted to get a picture of the seedlings before i do. They’re quite cute. I’ve never grown potatoes before, and i have no idea if these are going to work well or not.. be interesting to see. It doesn’t look as though its already earthed up in this bed, but it is, i promise. Just needs more dumping on top (and yes, i need to cut the grass – am buying a strimmer in the next couple of days).

rhodedendronsI also noticed the rhodedendrons coming out into flower. It’ll be a rhodedendrons close upfew days yet before they’re at their best (hopefully this weekend when my parents are visiting, so i can cut some for the flat), but i did want to share the beauty of them, you can see the potential of them when they’re in full bloom in these pictures, and up close, they’re just as pretty.

redcurrantAnd finally, my redcurrant is doing well. Everything in the garden is growing well, its like its taking all the rainwater and just running for it, really. The sweetcorn are pushing through, i won’t need to take them in the house afterall. Both varieties of bean are pushing up, so it won’t be long now before they need to go out too 🙂

In more negative news: i just read on the MetCheck site that we’re at risk of frost between 4th and 12th May, so i may hold off on planting anything out just yet. Or i could plant stuff and double cloche it.. will see.