no, this isn’t a “I’m Spartacus” ripoff… this is in reference to the year’s must-have ethical fashion item: the “I’m not a plastic bag” bag. It costs a fiver, is available from Sainsburys, and only 20,000 are going on sale, today. In fact, they’re probably sold out. They were going for £200 on ebay. (I wonder how long it will be before ripoffs hit the markets?)

I’m not entirely sure whether profits from the sales of the bag go to a green charity (this one is involved with this project) but i am sorely tempted to make – out of completely different colours and style, so there’s no intention of making a ripoff – a bag that says on the front: “I’m not a plastic bag either (pst.. and i cost a lot less)” and donating the difference to the charity.

would that be mean/unethical/bad to do? feedback welcome…