my parents came to visit yesterday (which is why i’ve not blogged – and am woefully behind on the ~ today ~ entries… i’ll catch up over the next couple of days). It was a great day; they got to see my progress in the garden, Mom brought some bluebells with her for me to plant (did i say i love bluebells?) and some lemon balm, and showed me how to take cuttings off plants (need to buy some rooting powder), and dad helped us go and get a big chair for Michiel (having a car is so handy) and helped Michiel put it together. I cooked fahitas and nachos, they ate themselves silly (well.. dad did) and we caught up and smiled and laughed and chatted.. but.. i am sooooo tired now. Not so much because of the visit but because of getting the flat spruced up. We can be, occasionally, rather lax with the housework – especially if other things get in the way (like the garden) and of course with Michiel’s back being bad, i’ve had to do a lot of it on my own, where normally he would’ve helped. He’s stubborn though: he insisted on doing the bathroom himself (although he did an absolutely smashing job of it) and doing the chair yesterday.. I have never seen a man in so much pain (and the utter relief when he sat into his chair and his back was supported properly) … he has agreed to go to the doctors if it doesn’t start to heal up over today and tomorrow.

in other news: Sarah is coming to visit for a couple of days in May, which makes me happy: we can talk garden talk and girl talk and go shopping and stuff which is great! Some of this stuff is lost on Michiel (he does try but.. he has a limit for girl-wittering). It’ll be great to see her – its been about a year or so since i have. (its also the day after her birthday, so we’re currently engaged in discussions about the oh-so-important-obligatory birthday cake. Chocolate. Naturellement.)

I’ll do a proper update on garden/diet at some point too… and i’ve a more personal post about the psychology of anger to make as well, that’s been on my mind for a while. And update the ~ today ~ entries. work on the garden some. lots to do 🙂