Seems i’m not the only bright spark to think of making my own version of the “I’m not a plastic bag” bag. Marissa Vandersee has come up with her own version: the “I’m not a smug twat” bag. Its greener, doesn’t use cheap labour to create it (or, as she put it, other people’s cheap labour) and is almost 100% made in the UK, with just one type of material coming from Italy.

Good for her – I love the message on the bag – and it really takes the wind out of the whole “I’m not a plastic bag” exclusivity. Its a real shame, because that idea could’ve been really great, if they’d a) given the profits to charity, b) made it much less exclusive, c) sourced the labour and materials from within the UK.

Good luck to Marissa Vandersee – and if you want one, you can order it here.