Chocolate Beer CakeI think i said before that Sarah (of …it really doesn’t matter about the rain) is visiting for a few days tomorrow. Its also her birthday today (16th), so i promised her a chocolate cake for her birthday. So i made her a Chocolate Beer Cake. It looks scrummy, and what i’ve been able to taste of it (raw cake – its my belief that you can tell how good a cake will be, in potential, at least, by tasting the raw, mixed ingredients – and the icing – licking the spoon is a cook’s prerogative) its very very nice. the cake is dark, rich, crumbly, the icing lovely. A real grown-up’s chocolate cake. If it were me though, and i were doing it again (which i probably will), i’d make all plain icing (leave out the walnuts) and put some black cherry sauce in the middle, and some chocolate dipped cherries ontop. Or some other strong, not too sweet fruit. Ah well. Next time.

We’ve plans to visit a not-for-profit community nursery while she’s here, and have an afternoon window shopping around Ashton Under Lyne. Maybe make some bread. Either way, i’m hoping for photos. Taken by both of us. (of course, she’s far better at taking pics than i am, so i might just let her do most of them). She may even let me post them. 🙂