Michiel and i are in the kitchen, funning around while he makes breakfast.

Michiel: “what’s that difficult word in English that means wasting time?”

Me: *thinks*…. “you mean procrastinate?”

Michiel: “yeah so, what do you call a Dalek who’s wasting time?”

Me: “go on then….”


Me: “oh man, thats a really bad joke, the worst ever, in fact, so bad I’m gonna blog about it”

Michiel: “what you’re really disturbed by is not so much the bad joke but by the fact that you find it funny.”

Damn him. he’s right. I hate it when that happens.

I sense today is going to be bad Dalek joke day. he just came in, saw me writing this and said “What did the Dalek say to the Queen”…. “ABDICATE!”. I really wouldn’t read any further. I really wouldn’t. but if i have to listen to ’em, so do you. so there.