anyone who follows this blog won’t have failed to notice i haven’t been posting, and that i’ve been struggling. The reasons i’ve been struggling i’m still figuring out, and i don’t think its a simple answer. However, one thing i have noticed is that the struggle got worse round about the time that i stopped posting what i do on a daily basis, so that’s something that obviously helped me a great deal more than i was willing to acknowledge at the time. So… that’s something i’m going to re-start. Instead of posting it on the ~ today ~ section, though, i’ll keep it in the main blog, just stick it behind a tag (and use tags as they’re meant to be used!) and a cut to keep it from clogging up the main page. I’ve more plans for that as well, mostly involving tracking the diet, but that’ll keep for another time.

In addition, i’ve now got new batteries for the camera (NiMH’s, not the NiCads i had before, which i bought by mistake, and which sent me out on a quest to get a battery recharger that will handle NiMHs.. gahhh), so i’m starting to take photos again, including of the garden. I’m hoping to get the jess love pics & vid posted as well that Sez took (once she gets round to sending them to me, and i get round to nagging her about it!). Something i’ve noticed other people do on blogs is the concept of “a photo a day” so as well as the usual Jess love and Garden progress pics, i’ll be trying to post something along the lines of that. I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch and my camera isn’t the best in the world, its something that will give me impetetus to get out there and take photos, explore the area a bit more.

The garden…? well, i’ll do a proper garden update later, with photos, but i’ve got to get that kickstarted as well. Reading Monty Don’s “Growing out of trouble” is making me realise that okay, i’m struggling at the moment, and i do need to take account of that, but that’s no excuse for sitting on my backside feeling sorry for myself. I’ve got it easy, compared to a lot of people (at least i’m not battling a heroin addiction). So I’m to consider this as a major kick up the bum by myself (which would be quite physically hard to do but since Michiel can probably kick harder than i can, i’m content to leave it as a literal rather than a physical one).

Hopefully some of these changes will help with the struggle… only time will tell.