Had my appointment with the nurse at the Fat Clinic .. ahem. Weight Management Clinic last friday (I still prefer Fat Clinic. lets call it what it is. plus its shorter to type). Michiel came with me, i got most of my blood tests done, she weighed us, listened to a description of our diet, listened to the various problems I’m experiencing, and made a few suggestions.

  1. since we’re living in the way that a shift worker would live (i.e. going to bed at 4am, getting up at midday, mostly) she suggested that we switch our eating patterns. We’re having a big evening meal and not doing anything with all those calories. So. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, dine like a pauper. I’m starting to put that into place now. Interestingly, I think Michiel and i interpreted what she said quite differently. He thinks she meant it as in having your dinner for breakfast – i.e. whatever we would have for dinner (e.g. chicken and mushroom pie with veg), have at around 1pm when we have our first meal of the day. I interpreted it as just having the *amounts* for breakfast, that we would’ve had for dinner, and scaling back dinner accordingly. We’re seeing her again in a month so be interesting to see which of us was right. (since i do the cooking, i’m going with my way. for now.)
  2. make small changes. e.g. still have saturday night pizza (you have no idea how relieved Michiel was to hear that) but instead of having 2 pizzas, have one, split between us, and bulk up on salad. if you love chocolate (or something else), try to either ration it, or have low fat/sugar versions (I’m working on a low fat chocolate milkshake / frappucino thing. possibly frozen. Yes. i will share recipes when its worked out). don’t be unrealistic in what you do, because you won’t keep up with it. continue changing fullfat/sugar options for lowfat/sugar options (which we’d already started doing, as much as we could, anyway).
  3. once you’ve cut out things as much as possible.. work on portion sizes. that’s for the next visit, i think.
  4. Don’t weigh yourself too often. Once a month, preferably the same time of month (for me, that would be the second day of my period), at the same time of day. She told Michiel to do the same. (Weigh himself the second day of my period that is, not his.)
  5. She suggested, that since she and i seem to share similar body patterns, that i might be insulin resistant, and that a specific book might help: “Insulin Resistance Diet Book” by Mary Grossman and Cheryle Hart. I’ve asked the library to see if they can get it for me. she also suggested cutting out on the carbs (potato, bread, pasta, rice) a bit more, and having more healthy protein instead. kind of a cross between the GI diet and Atkins, without all the unhealthy fatty stuff the Atkins diet has.

As a result of this we’re trying to have much bigger breakfasts, in 2 courses – a fruit course, with LF yoghurt, usually, for the protein, and then some kind of salad, sometimes with bread or ryvita. we’re having a dinner, i’m working on making it smaller, and certainly in the last week or so we’ve been having a lot of salad (we had salad with pizza on saturday and it was surprisingly good and filling). Fruit or yoghurt for a pudding, with a small bowl of cereal and skimmed milk for a “lunch” type meal around 11/12pm. All i can say is thank god for Lidl’s current cheap fruit and veg drive. We’d never manage otherwise.

I’ll let you know how it works.

so far though it feels as though i’m constantly eating or preparing food. I don’t feel as though i’m dieting, there’s no real sense of deprivation, mostly because the fridge is full of food (GMK would love me, i have to say). i sometimes get a bit hypo, mostly because i’m finding with these meals i can’t go as long between meals as i have in the past, and that’s something i need to discuss with the nurse i think. strangely, i get hypo long before i usually get hungry. Oh well.

I had an appointment as well for the fasting glucose test. This is where you fast for 12 hours, then they take blood, give you a glucose tablet,  and take more blood periodically to see how well your body absorbs it. That was meant to be on tuesday, however, i completely forgot it monday night and had a drink after 9pm, which blew the whole thing out of the water. So we’ve to reschedule that one.

Still, we’re on the right path… i’ll give it till my period starts (this weekend i think) before weighing myself again, see if there’s any progress. there may be.