the garden is growing. Even in places where i’d really rather it didn’t… like the grass. argh! the grass! it won’t stop!!

courgette flowerthe courgettes have started to blossom – only male flowers for now. They develop first, with the female ones (the ones attached to actual courgettes) following behind soon after. Not long, now, i hope, till i’m knee deep in courgettes!!!

tomato flowersThe tomatoes are almost all flowering, several trusses, so i’m hoping for fruit to start developing soon. they’re all growing well, being fed once a week with a basic tomato feed, periodically being pinched out and the main stem tied to garden canes. i check every day to see if the place where the flowers were has started to swell yet, but nothing so far. you’ll know when they start to swell.. i’ll be squealing loudly!

fuschia flowersin the rest of the garden, the borlotti beans are growing well up their netting. One of the plants is almost half way up the wigwam! i’ve planted some more seeds next to the actual pole, instead of half way between poles (where the other plants are) so that hopefully i’ll get a second wind of borlotti beans once the first batch is through. It’ll be a while before i get flowers and beans though. the dwarf french beans have flowered, but i’m not really expecting beans. They just don’t seem to like my garden very much. I’ve fuschia flowerssown some more though, some other varieties that sez gave me, and some yellow ones that i got from Lidl, so we’ll see if they do any better.

The sugarsnap peas aren’t doing much better either. they seem to have stopped growing completely, which is a shame, i was so looking forward to getting some of those. on the other hand, the rest of that bed is filled with lettuces and they seem to be growing well – its just a case of keeping the bloomin slugs off em now. I’ve planted out the ones that were in the greenhouse, so hopefully they’ll survive. We’ve also eaten the last of the radishes from bed 1.

fuschia flowersover in bed 2, i’ve pulled out the spinach, planted more spinach/perpetual spinach seedlings, more beetroot, radishes and spring onion seedlings. Again, its a case of keeping the slugs off them. The rocket is beginning to run to seed: i’ve planted some more in the greenhouse, and i just keep plucking the seedheads off the plants to try to keep them going till the ones in the greenhouse are big enough to plant out. I use rocket in just about every salad we have, i find about 5 – 10 leaves is just enough to perk it up, ripped up with the lettuce leaves. yum.

Also in that bed, one of my sweetcorn plants has died. I think they’re too far back in the rain shadow of the tree, and all the water is being sucked out by the tree. I’m just hoping the other three make it through.

ripening strawberryby the back door the strawberries are growing well as well. I’ve a number of fruits developing, and one that is almost red (its a wierd shaunripe strawberriespe though!). won’t be long before i get to pop that one in my mouth i think!

In the greenhouse the peppers and chilli plants have been moved up onto the staging and i think they’re slowing recovering from the slug damage that was done to them. I think a couple of them need potting up so i’ll have to get to that soon. One’s developed small white flowers already, so maybe i’m about to get fruit, we’ll see. the aubergines are also up there and growing well. Kale, sunflowers and cornflowers are all growing well as well – the cornflowers are about to flower, i think! I need to get those planted out. The problem is i want to plant them in the grass and i can’t do that until the grass is cut. Oh well.

I have to keep telling myself: i can’t get it all done in one year. I’ve plans.. i just have to get on with them. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the next week isn’t promising: rain, and lots of it. today it was raining so hard i had to dash out to the greenhouse to put cane supports in the roof, the water was puddling in the roof and i was worried it was going to rip the fabric with the weight of the water. Fortunately it didn’t, but its always a worry. I think the cane supports help somewhat.

fuschia flowersAs for the fuschia flower photographs that are scattered throughout the rest of this entry: i just wanted to share them. Its not actually my plant, its technically in my neighbours garden, but it hangs over the table where i do some of my potting up (underneath the bedroom window) and the flowers are so pretty, especially when rain speckled. i may take a few cuttings of it later this year, as it grows quite tall, and would be a nice boundary plant to grow up against the fence. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll take some more photos of the garden when the weather clears up enough for me to do so, hopefully tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜€