14th June 07

To Do:

  1. Shopping in Ashton: return DVDs, pick up pizza
  2. Ironing – not up to it tonight
  3. Make bread
  4. put letter in post to cousins re: wedding – forgot. do it tomorrow.
  5. plant butternut squash seeds – not up to it
  6. dinner – chicken & Salad
  7. washing up – Michiel doing this



breakfast 14-06-07

mixed fruit salad (tinned) with fresh strawberries and kiwi fruit, and a peach yoghurt

breakfast 14-06-07

Pasta Salad made with oven roasted veg, cubes of feta cheese, some salami and hard boiled egg

~ went to Ashton under Lyne ~




lunch 14-6-07

chicken with a honey and mustard topping (birds eye), boiled egg, ham, salami, beetroot, gherkins, pickled onions, and a salad made from lettuce, cucumbe, rocket (from the garden), avocado slices, cherry tomatoes and spring onions

low fat peach melba yoghurt



bowl fruit and fibre cereal with skimmed milk