We took Jess up to the vets yesterday. The RSPCA was running a free clinic up at a local community house, so we decided to take advantage of it and take her up. It involved a bit of a walk though, but, since we’re supposed to be getting fit (and taking Jess on the bus isn’t gonna happen just yet).. we decided to walk.

Thankfully the weather held off – windy, but no rain, at least while we were walking – and it was a long walk, just over 3 miles there and back (the photos on the photo-a-day, yesterday, were from that walk). When we got there, there were lots of dogs milling around outside the house, so Michiel hung back on a bit of grass with Jess while i went in to find out what the deal was. We were told we’d have to wait for a bit, which was fair enough, and there were a couple of dogs barking all excitedly at all the other dogs (including a white terrier that just would NOT shut up). Jess, however, was as good as gold – she wanted to get up and move around sometimes, and strained towards other dogs periodically, but she didn’t pick fights or bark or any of the other behaviour we’d almost expected of her.

[It gives me hope that when we do take her to Birmingham at the beginning of August for a weekend to go to a wedding, she’ll be okay travelling on the train.]

when we got in there we registered her (and of course she chatted up the two ladies on reception, who absolutely fell in love with her), then she went in to see the vets. She was given some flea treatment, some worming tablets, and we chatted to the vet about a number of concerns: her lack of being on heat (we’ve had her over 2 years now and never seen her be on heat, we’re not even sure if she’s been neutered or not), her claws (which need trimming) and her teeth. The vet had a listen to her chest with his stethoscope, and of course she promply obliged by turning onto her back to have her tummy rubbed (which the vet, and RSPCA officers, found delightful), but there are no problems to speak of and she got the all clear, which we were glad of.

She reared up to be let out (which made them all laugh again) then she pretty much dragged us home and slept the rest of the afternoon. She didn’t much like the vets and she was rather grumpy when we got home, she took absolutely ages to forgive Michiel and give him her customary kisses. Still, she was playing with us before bed last night, and when he gave her the worming tablet (broken up and wrapped in bits of salami) she was most impressed with that, kept going back to the table where he’d rested the salami while he was wrapping it… just to make sure he hadn’t (and she hadn’t) missed any of it!!

And of course, i slept like a log last night… 3.9 miles is a long way for me!