19th June 07

To Do:

  1. Make bread
  2. put bedsheets on to wash
  3. walked Jess – morning walk
  4. bath
  5. blog entries
  6. Ironing – I will do this.. i will i will!
  7. unzip/rezip greenhouse, water plants (in greenhouse at least)
  8. mow some of the lawn
  9. tie tomato plants to canes and pinch out sideshoots
  10. feed tomato plants
  11. plant butternut squash seeds
  12. dinner – Lasagne and salad (again)
  13. washing up



strawberry, melon and kiwi fruit breakfast

kiwi and Strawberries with peach yoghurt

(similar to photo above but without melon)

ryvitas with salami, boiled egg and cucumber slices

4 ryvita, 2 with tuna mayo & spring onions, 2 with salami and boiled egg slices

(similar to photo above but no cucumber and different amounts)

~ Walked Jess, made bread, put laundry on, cut grass, did ironing ~





Lasagne & Salad

(not all this lasagne – that huge tin has enough lasagne for 8 portions!)

sugar free jelly topped with low fat yoghurt

low sugar raspberry jelly with strawberry pieces (but without the yoghurt topping that’s shown above)



1 and a half sandwiches – hard boiled egg and salami