21st June 07

To Do:

  1. go to Ashton Under Lyne – ATM, return DVDs, Wilkinsons for plant pots
  2. Go to Tescos – do tomorrow instead
  3. Go to Library – do tomorrow instead
  4. Ironing – I will do this.. i will i will!
  5. unzip/rezip greenhouse, water plants (in greenhouse at least)
  6. dinner – chicken & Salad
  7. washing up




Melon, Blackcherry yoghurt

(no photo)


bar chocolate (okay. i succumbed. I was bad.)


~ Went to Ashton Under Lyne – Blockbusters, ATM, Wilkinsons, Iceland ~




lunch 15-6-07.

Bird’s Eye Thai Chicken, Coleslaw, salad

(similar to the above photo, different in details)



sugar free raspberry jelly with strawberry pieces



1 slice toast topped with melted cheese and few shakes worcestershire sauce

options hot chocolate