Tux with beer..Tux is the linux Mascot. A rather cute, mischevious little penguin (well i think he is), he’s famous the world over for linux, in rather the way that that bloomin butterfly is for microsoft. There are many many pictures and desktop setups for Tux, and websites where photos of stuffed Tuxes are uploaded by people who love him. Michiel has a stuffed Tux toy, who sits ontop of a CD case on his desk, and he gets periodically dragged out to pose for photos. As you can see. The first photo was taken in our first home, a flat we shared with someone, and one night we got silly and snapped that. Its remained a much loved photo, quipping about the beer that reaches the parts other beers don’t reach.. 🙂

Tux in the snowA few years it snowed, and Michiel being Michiel, he had to get a shot of Tux and JessTux in his natural habitat. This was after we’d taken Jess for a walk of course (I think it was the first time she’d seen snow, with us at least, and she loved it). We do get our priorities straight!! After that Tux came inside (not used to the cold, poor thing) and cuddled up to Jess to get warm. Jess isn’t used to having a shivering penguin next to her, so if she looks a lil wild-eyed, you know why.

Tux wondering where the whisky wentIn the last two pics: A friend of ours is rather handy with a glass-etching pen (and rather a good artist to boot) and after we’d seen some samples of her work, she asked if there was anything Michiel would like. He said, a picture of Tux on a tumbler. So.. that’s exactly Tux immortalised on glasswhat she did. Its now one of his most treasured possessions, used when he’s drinking really good whisky (which he doesn’t get anywhere near as much as he’d like. Michiel, that is, not Tux.. although some to think of it Tux would probably like more whisky too. You can almost hear him wailing in the one pic like Captain Jack Sparrow: “the whisky! its gone! why’s it gone? why is the whisky always gone?!”). So now, if you want to picture Michiel very happy, picture him at his desk, all his beloved computers working as he wants them to, with all the equipment he wants, his feet on the back of the sofa, listening to some good music, sipping good whisky from his beloved Tux Glass. Aye. that’s a happy man.