FawltyToday i want to share with you some of my previous (semi-serious) growing efforts. The first is basil: i called the plant Fawlty (as in Basil Fawlty, geddit? feel free to groan), and i grew him from seed, a friend gave me the pot/seeds/earth as a way to get me hooked on gardening (it kinda worked, but not for a long time). This is going back about 3/4 years now. Anyway, that’s Fawlty on the left.

tomatoes on the plantThe other thing i tried growing, 2 years ago, the first full summer we were in our flat, is tomatoes. I grew them rather late and they were stunted for a while, so what i ended up with was a large batch of (mostly) green, small tomatoes by the end of August, and i knew most of them wouldn’t get bigger/turn red in time. so i picked them tomatoesand made green tomato chutney from them (I’ve still got about 3 jars of the stuff in the fridge, together with some christmas chutney i made 2 years ago as well. Not making any more till that lot has gone!). It was the first time i’d ever really tried to grow anything and i was amazed at how well they seemed to grow despite me, even, and my rather haphazard attempts at looking after them.

Anyway, i’m looking forward to this year’s haul!!