27th June 07

To Do:

  1. Make bread
  2. Make icecream
  3. Make Thai Shrimp Soup
  4. Have a bath
  5. Ironing – I will do this.. i will i will!
  6. cut grass (definetly NOT today)
  7. unzip/rezip greenhouse, water plants where necessary (in greenhouse at least)
  8. dinner – beans on toast
  9. washing up


Still not feeling too great. Bit better than yesterday. Nothing actually wrong, just feeling bleh. the weather definetly isn’t helping. Not doing much today. Have a bath later. Maybe watch Blade Trinity (so i can return the DVDs tomorrow when i go to Tesco). No photo-a-day today.




half a melon with peach melba yoghurt and powdered ginger

(no photo)


1 and a half eggs with a few tomatoes, gherkins, bit of cucumber, some cold meat and 2 ryvitas spread with LF fake butter (no photo)

~ made bread, icecream, soup ~





Thai Shrimp soup (a bit, it was rather spicy), baked beans on toast

(no photo yet)



homemade icecream

(made with LF creme Fraiche, LF greek yoghurt, options hotchocolate stirred in, some sweetner, vanilla essence, a little alcohol)



fruit and fibre cereal with skimmed milk

options hot chocolate