28th June 07

To Do:

  1. Return DVDs
  2. Take minced beef back to Tescos
  3. Shopping at Aldi
  4. Ironing – I will do this.. i will i will!
  5. cut grass (definetly NOT today)
  6. unzip/rezip greenhouse, water plants where necessary (in greenhouse at least)
  7. dinner – chilli & rice
  8. washing up


[Updated on saturday]. still not feeling great. Nothing physically wrong, just.. blegh. down in the dumps. Weather isn’t helping.




half a melon with raspberry yoghurt and powdered ginger

(no photo)



~ went to Ashton-under-lyne, Tescos (Droylsden), Aldi ~





chilli & rice

(no photo yet)



homemade icecream

(made with LF creme Fraiche, LF greek yoghurt, options hotchocolate stirred in, some sweetner, vanilla essence, a little alcohol) topped with a strawberry and raspberry coulis



fruit and fibre cereal with skimmed milk

options hot chocolate