30th June 07

To Do:

  1. Have a bath
  2. Ironing – got to finish this off
  3. shopping
  4. cut grass (definetly NOT today)
  5. unzip/rezip greenhouse, water plants where necessary (in greenhouse at least)
  6. feed tomatoes
  7. breakfast – bacon and egg butties
  8. dinner – pizza and salad
  9. washing up


I just wish it would stop raining. Its june, for heavens sake. Its broken all records for rain, but its not even that, its cold too. or colder for june. the rain is doing the plants good (I suppose) but in this temperature the tomatoes are struggling. I just hope july warms up because otherwise its going to be a dismal year for tomatoes. (dismal year for me too). Read 2 of Deborah Crombie‘s books (“in a dark house” and “a finer end”), the ones about Kincaid and Gemma (the two policeofficers). they’re very good. Have ordered the rest from the library. The insulin resistance book has arrived as well. Got to pick them up on wednesday. Now reading Karin Slaughter‘s “Triptych”. Its more impressive than i thought it would be when i first picked it up. Might give her other ones a go. After i’ve finished reading Crombie’s other books though. got about 8 coming. 😀 give me something to get my teeth into. Can’t wait for harry potter to come out.




bacon and egg butty

(no photo)



~ went to Aldi ~





pizza and salad

(no photo yet)






fruit and fibre cereal with skimmed milk

options hot chocolate