nope.. not another blog about weightloss, although i undoubtedly need to kickstart that again!

No, this time its about finances, or to be more accurate, the amount things are starting to cost in the shops.

Because of the very bad summer we’ve had, and the bad summer some other countries have had, and the growing crisis in the banking system in the US, and the oil crisis.. certain foods are starting to cost a great deal more already. this is ontop of growing mortgage costs, growing utility bills and higher council tax bills.

In the last week, things like butter (value butter, previously at 53p for 250g have gone up to 68p), milk (previously 64p for 2 pints, now 76p), bread and flour are going up (i don’t have prices to hand) – and its pretty much uniform across the range, from what i am reading, and i things may get worse before they get better.

For those of us who have very tight budgets this is going to be difficult. The temptation is to start stockpiling a little, especially with staples. I am sorely tempted to get lots and lots of flour: at least with that, and yeast, i know i’m never short on the means to make bread and, coupled with cheap baked beans, at least there’s one meal in the storecupboard (and probably a lot more).

What will probably have to start happening is eating a lot less meat & dairy products (probably not a bad thing) and more vegetables, but, since veg have been affected by the summer, more carbs as well, which *is* a bad thing (at least where my diet is concerned!) We’ll have to eat less (which is good i suppose).

This, coupled with trying to save for christmas is going to make the next few months interesting. I can only hope that these price increases that are happening in all shops are the maximum that will happen… otherwise we’re all in for a rather miserable winter.