the award-winning quilt

Beansprouts has been running a three day virtual quilt show, showing off not just her own quilts, but on the third day, other people’s quilts, with a request for quilt pictures to be sent in. Of course i had to send mine in! (and got awarded the best one-patch quilt). Although i made these a year ago, i’m not sure i would ever make another. In retrospect i also wouldn’t use the materials i used. However, i went to our local scrapstore and found lots of curtain offcuts – you know the kind that hang in curtain shops to show people what certain material would look like as a curtain? I cut those up for these quilts, along with some other material i had, like some denim from Michiel’s jeans. All the materials were therefore quite heavy and this made working with it, particularly at the last stage, very difficult, but on the flip side, it is a lovely warm quilt.

the second one i made

I actually made two of them – the first was a dummy run, and now sits on the arm of the sofa, where i pull it over my legs if i get cold of a spring/autumn evening (rather than turning the heating on – i save that till its really needed), and thats the one that Mel chose for the award. The second one had more of a pattern to the squares, and that one went to my grandmother as a christmas present, again, as a lapquilt.

I’m dead chuffed with the award, so thankyou, Mel!