i promised to share some of my cardmaking efforts, so i asked mum to take photos of the cards before she handed them out to the recipients. She also (very kindly) took photos of the memory box that we gave my cousin as a wedding present, before handing it over.

wordpress also doesn’t seem to like thumbnails for some reason so i’m putting these in full size. in order not to clutter the page.. they’re behind a cut 🙂


This is the memory box given as a wedding present. Its a large box with a lid, and has inside it the front page of “The Times” from their wedding day, the top selling single from that week on a CD, 2007 stamps (Harry Potter!), a copy of the groom’s speech, some confetti, tiny dried blue flowers from the table arrangement at the wedding, some notelets and a bookmark from the church, the menu from the table at the wedding, their placecards, some chocolates from the hotel, and a few photos. There’s also plenty of room for them to add their own mementos of the day.

closeup of the card i did to hold the 2007 stamps

closeup of the card I made to hold their 2007 (Harry Potter!) stamps

Nan’s Birthday Card

Birthday card of Nannie, one of my Grandmothers, Sept 07. The dried flowers are sweetpeas from my garden, dried in the microwave.

thankyou card

Thankyou card I made and wrote to an Uncle of mine, to say thankyou for the birthday present he sent me. Again, the flower is a cornflower from the garden, dried in the microwave.

Thankyou card 2

Thankyou card I made and wrote to both my grandmother (the same one who’s birthday it was) and an aunt – i made two of these. The flower is an Ipomea flower, morning glory, dried in the microwave.

[many thanks to Mom for taking the photos and emailing them to me – slow and painstaking work when you only have dialup!]