spotted in the local paper yesterday: “Nettle pudding, smokey stew and roasted hedgehogs are among the oldest British recipes, new research suggests today.” (Page 31 of the Manchester Evening News). The same story is repeated here.
Apparently a food science department at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff has been researching the “definitive list of oldest recorded recipes”. Nettle pudding is the oldest, followed by Smokey Stew, Meat Pudding, Barley Bread and roast Hedgehog.

Roast Hedgehog is not the only recipe that’s not been handed down over the years.. also in the list are Smokey Stew (bacon and smoked fish), Garum and Liquamen (sauces made from fish guts and heads) and meat pudding (offal, fat and herbs).

In other news… a Hedgehog has survived a 40 degree wash in a washing machine, according to the BBC. Lucky (as she was named by the wildlife hospital staff) wandered into a home and made a nest in a pile of to be laundered washing.. and got bundled into the machine with all the rest, without the person noticing. She was only discovered when the lady felt something prickly in with her washing! Fortunately she’s fine – no chest infection, no disorientation, and she’s apparently.. “very clean, with no parasites”. Well, she would be, wouldn’t she?!

I can’t decide if yesterday was a good or a bad day for Hedgehogs…