Couldn’t believe my eyes.. Tonight’s episode of “Jamie at Home”, the series where he waxes lyrical about the benefits of growing (and cooking/eating) your own.. he shows the viewer, for a roast chicken & potato dish, how to cut the bone out of chicken thighs. Nothing wrong with that. But he then chucks it in the bin without so much as a “of course you could make stock out of that”.. ARRRGGH! such a terrible waste! tut, Mr Oliver, would have thought you’d know better..

Then to top it off, the programme after, “Wild Gourmets”, fair enough, very green, gathering food from the wild, they run a jeep on veg oil.. all very green, but they use these titchy lil bottles of veg oils instead of a whopping great big can of the stuff to fill the car up with!! WHY? it just meant they used 10 times the plastic for the same amount of oil!