following a post from Stonehead (not in the slightest bit related to me or this blog, btw!) about amusing search terms (basically, the terms that have been put into a search engine and produced your blog), I had a look at mine. some gems:

“win is mine” … it is? good for you!

“lemon drizzle cake doesn’t rise / lemon drizzle cake rise / lemon drizzle doesn’t rise” … I’d say someone’s having problems with a lemon drizzle cake..

“Jeremy Clarkson Fox Beckham” … the mind boggles

“a hater” …. um. okay.

“stuffed penguins” …. I’m a linux lady. We love penguins. We do not stuff or cook em!

“penguin vs windows” … the penguin wins. every time.

“CANADIAN ARMY AT ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE” … errrr.. are we being invaded?

“courgettes do they turn to marrows if left” … yes. oh yes. i wouldn’t do it.

“evil penguin” – no such thing (unless he’s being cute). Unless its windows we’re talking about..

might make this a regular feature.. heheh.

[apparently there’s a regular thread over at the wordpress forums on this. Didn’t even know there was a forum there, never mind a specific thread. oh well. you live and learn every day.]