spent another lovely autumn afternoon, working away in the garden.. or in my case, banging away (literally). since the weather forecast for next week isn’t promising, i decided to take advantage of this afternoon’s clear(ish) weather and clear the garden some more.

pics, as always, behind the cut…

cleared tomatoes

my first job was to clear away the remaining tomato plants, the moneymaker ones, which i had stripped of the remaining tomatoes on Monday (since a frost was forecast Monday night). They’re now ripening on the bedroom window, but of course, the plants had to come out too. As you can see, the leftover growbags have been moved somewhat, and i’ll tip the contents of those either out onto the garden or somewhere else, where the last bit of goodness in the compost can do some good. I’ve also moved the large pot with the rose in, to in front of the living room window, as the corner it was in can be terribly windy, and it will give it some protection during the winter cold.

the cans

The majority of my work this afternoon however, was on the cans i had obtained from the local takeaway place last April. I first posted about this in “can quandry” and my dad had sorted out the lid of one, showing me how to do it, and left the other for me to do. And i never had done.. the cans just sat in the garden getting rather rusty. So this afternoon i decided to actually do it – so i got a hammer and a large screwdriver out and set about making a dreadful racket. Not endearing myself to the neighbours, but, its done, and the hosepipe worked beautifully as a rim for the pot. One must still be careful on the inside but otherwise, there will be no scratches. I may try to clean the outside a little, and apply some paint. I also knocked holes in the base, for drainage, and i plan to grow something in them. They’re deep, so i may try to grow some spuds in there, but failing that, i might just get some winter pot plants (i rather like cyclamen) and put some of those in there. Either side of the back door they should look rather attractive, when painted. The hammer was dreadfully heavy though, and my arm is quite tired this evening. (and yes, Dad, i hammered the sharp edges into the metal, as best i could, as you showed me!)

bed with carrot seeds in

no sign yet of any little carrot seedlings, or any other, but its not even a week so i shouldn’t really hope for them (oh but i do, i do!). I thought i would take a photo anyway of that area of bed 1. The roots ontop that you can see are from the tomato plants. I’ve roughly dug the growbag compost into the bed to give some nourishment, it looks a little untidy but.. meh. Nature’s an untidy lady!

beetroot plants

My beetroot plants that were exposed by pulling up the spinach/spinach beet plants, and they don’t seem to have any kind of swelling at the root base. I’m reluctant to dig them up just to find out, although i’ve tried scratching away some soil – they just seem to go straight down. Anyway, i hope now they’re exposed to the sunlight and not hiding behind the other plants that they’ll be able to fatten up for the pot!!

the “compost heap”

This is the “compost heap”. I wrote about this before. Since then i’ve been scratching my head, trying to think where i could best build one. As you can see, there’s a fair amount of stuff in there that could do with rotting down, and would probably make lovely crumbly compost for the garden for next year (and since i do so much of my own cooking from scratch, i probably have a lot of stuff from the kitchen that can go out there as well). I had considered leaving it there and building a proper surround for it, but having it next to the fence and the gate wouldn’t be terribly pleasant for anyone walking by, or coming to visit us.


I’m therefore thinking of putting the compost heap in the corner, by the house. Its out of sight of the house, not an area i’m using at the moment, its a corner made of 2 brick walls so it would be very easy to block the view, with a bit of a fence coming out from the two walls (and save on wood), and its a bit away from anyone walking by. About the only real problem i can foresee is that that wall is the kitchen wall, with the exhaust pipe from the gas boiler directly above it (and the kitchen window around the corner from the proposed site). Still, i suppose in summer i can cover it up.. What do people think? how best to hide it? (i can plant something, sure, but what?). It also doesn’t get much direct sun, only in the morning, and probably not even then because of shade from the tree. Will that cause a problem?

 Once the cans are sorted and planted up, i plan to plant some pots for the greenhouse (and move some of the pots in there, into the house for the winter, suitably potted up – like my avocado plant, maybe one of the chilli plants as they will often last for several years – see if the chillis go red!) with some other winter vegetables like lettuce. Hopefully too, the snails and slugs will start to hibernate for the winter soon! The other major task i must get done soon is giving the grass its last haircut for the winter, and cutting back the side. that part has never been cut, by me, this summer, and it shows, and i’ll need it fairly low to the ground if i’m going to rotavate down there at some point. ah well. that’s all to come – rome wasn’t built in a day!