Many people might not realise, but today.. is the Autumn Equinox! The days and nights are of equal length, and from now on.. winter is coming (well okay its been coming since Midsummer, technically, but we’ll start to feel it more from now on)!!

I thought i would take the camera with me when i took Jess for her morning constitutional, and decided as i was walking round that i would take the camera with me each day, taking the same photo from the same spot, in order to record the changing colour of the trees (then put them all together in a sort of movie type thing). I’ve four spots i’m recording from (and may continue to do it throughout the year). So that’s a little project in progress.

However, i also took some other rather nice photos and i wanted to share them here. Behind the cut as per usual. 🙂

Autumn 1

some rather fetching orange spottage on Horse Chestnut leaves

Autumn 2

Its kinda hard to see here (and to get closer to it involves picking through some nasty brambles!) but the colouring on this is absolutely fantastic, glorious russet red combined with the pretty purple flower.. beautiful

Autumn 3

Again, its a little difficult to see, but this picture demonstrates why bindweed is called that – and why its regarded as a weed (not just for the difficulty in eradicating it). Its actually managed to climb up the branches of an overhanging tree – not up the treetrunk, as you’d think, but as the branches have leaned over, or they’ve snagged some bindweed in the wind, its scrambled up and its now halfway up the tree!

Autumn 4



Back in January, in the high winds that everyone had, one tree split almost down the middle – like when you want to propagate, you rip a bit off a woody stem, you get the heel? This is almost like a very large version of that, and its ripped off the tree. The remainder of the tree is still standing, this has just been pushed to one side, and greenery is now growing through it. Good Ol’ Momma Nature never stops (thankfully). Yes, that’s Jess in the picture, being (as usual) all curious!

Autumn 5

This is the tree that the aforementioned branch was ripped from. Another branch was almost ripped from the same tree, and is now hanging down, however there’s enough of a connection there that there’s still water/nutrients flowing through the half snapped stem, as the wood has resprouted. There isn’t enough strength in the stem to support it, and if it wasn’t resting on the ground i suspect it would snap right off. I shake my head in amazment every time i walk by this. You wouldn’t see the human body reacting in this fashion.

Autumn 6

You can see, much of the surrounding trees are still very green – just one or two showing a few touches of leaf change.

Autumn 7

Another tree that has regrown. This, i think, was originally stripped in a fire, but the fire was put out before the tree itself was burned. The skeletal branches reaching for the sky have always made me smile. This is another one that’s regrowing, as you can see. Its quite gothic, almost. All that’s needed is a thundery sky, and its a perfect tree for a Hammer horror movie…

Autumn 8

Just starting to get a few touches of gold.. Jess working her way into shot again!

Autumn 9

The gold, closer up. I do love this time of year.

Autumn 11

A cascade of rippling golden browny leaves. I don’t think the brown dried ones will remain there for much longer. they’ll join their compatriots on the ground.

Autumn 12

Two yellowy leaves amongst a field of green.

Autumn 13

I love the patterns on the bark here. I’ve no idea what causes them. Some kind of beetle or worm? I hope it doesn’t damage the tree, however.

Autumn 14

Under the trees – Here, the trees are very close together, and unless its the middle of winter (and the trees are bare) then this area gets almost no sunlight at all, and is quite gloomy. Jess making her way into the picture again – i shall have to start charging her (!). There are squirrels in these trees, which make walking Jess quite difficult at times. She’s convinced there are treasures to be found underneath each and every leaf, or at least, treasures to her nose, and she must ferret them all out!